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Our Approach

Our vision is to bridge people with opportunities that will empower our clients to greater heights of financial success. We focus on opportunities that will provide great risk adjusted returns and to create capital appreciation. The main vision is to make a positive difference in the communities we serve and to reinvest in such communities.

Real Estate

We aim to work for our clients and investors to provide the most attractive risk adjusted returns. However, we understand that each client is different and that we will only supply our investors with the best strategy. We will try our best to fit you with the right strategy depending on your risk appetite while trying to provide you with the highest level of security and capital appreciation.


What we provide:

  • Property Analysis and Reporting
  • Focus on single-family performing and non-performing notes
  • Have network of local partners who can manage the resolution of these loans, renovation and leasing of these homes
  • Find properties with the largest┬ádiscounts to replacement cost
  • Access to pools of non-performing and performing notes
  • Opportunities in large scale real estate deals (Hotels, Apartment complexes, and Others)

Meet the Team

Our team has many years of experience and achievements in their respective departments. They come from across the world and are surrounded by the same vision to bring financial success to our clients.


Rana Matar


Glenn Prentice


Mark Haislip


Rogee Matar


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